Dating a minor in pennsylvania

Please note that these conditions may not be applicable to you depending upon your role with the other person, e.g., if you are a teacher, a coach, or a volunteer or employee of a nonprofit association.

Except as provided in section 3121 (relating to rape), a person commits a felony of the second degree when that person engages in sexual intercourse with a complainant to whom the person is not married but less than eight years older than the complainant; or (2) eight years older but less than 11 years older than the complainant.

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For example, the "standard" age of consent in Pennsylvania is 16, which means that 16 is the lowest age at which a person can legally consent to sexual conduct with anyone older than him or her.

A person is guilty of indecent assault if the person has indecent contact with the complainant, causes the complainant to have indecent contact with the person or intentionally causes the complainant to come into contact with seminal fluid, urine or feces for the purpose of arousing sexual desire in the person or the complainant and the complainant is , the earliest age that a person can legally consent to engaging in sexual conduct with you is 13.

You cannot legally engage in sexual conduct with any person who is 4 or more years older than you.

Many of these women are desperate single mothers and married women who want to have an affair. Do you agree to keep the identity of these women secret?

Pennsylvania's laws regarding the legal age of consent can be confusing.

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F) , the earliest age that a person can legally consent to engaging in sexual conduct with you is 13.

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