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Many people agree to going Dutch as a tactful way to level the financial playing field.

One friend may feel uncomfortable with the idea of another friend in better financial shape always footing the bill.

To go Dutch, also known as a Dutch treat or a Dutch date, implies an informal agreement for each person to pay for his or her own expenses during a planned date or outing.

The decision to do this is usually made in advance in order to avoid any confusion when the bill arrives or the tickets are purchased.

“It all depends on the type of date,” says New Yorker Alex French.

It seems it is not always as cut and dry as tradition would have you believe. By asking someone out on a date—whether it’s the girl asking the guy or the more traditional guy asking the girl—it is generally assumed the person doing the asking should at least make an offer to pick up the whole check.Timing and Racing Around the Clock, a system that uses sensors to track athletes’ running times — eliminating the need for stopwatches — was voted third by the audience and three judges, and received 0.The Go Dutch Today app, still in development and targeting ages 25-49, is expected to launch Nov. It initially will work with South Side businesses that will promote specials though the app.Ladies, wouldn’t it be nice to go out and order the surf and turf and not be expected ... ” said Olamide Bamidele, one of the cofounders describing the winning app at the South Side Pitch on Thursday at the Chicago Innovation Exchange.The competition was the second by the Institute for Justice Clinic on Entrepreneurship.

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